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When You Have to Lose the World to Gain Your Life

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Flawed but Still Worthy

God will Always send you what you Need, when you Need it…if you ask.

My brother just sent me some powerful words after our conversation this morning. I love how life happens. Wisdom has no age.

Growth = Change, Change = Loss, Loss = Pain, therefore Growth = Pain.

As we continue to grow, inevitably we will continue to reach these thresholds of pain and losses. We have to make the hard decision to leave relationships, friends, family, and jobs that are not contributing to our well-being and growth.

Growth and change requires loss, and it hurts to lose things. When we are at a point in our lives where there is no growth, no improvement, and no progress, change is the only thing will help you to transcend those circumstances. Face it! We outgrow things. It’s a fact of life.

We outgrow family, outgrow friends, and outgrow jobs. Sometimes, it’s not easy to leave these things behind, but never forgot you in those situations. Meaning, if these things don’t align with the vision you have for your life, then they must be removed in order to take a step towards where you want to be in life. You may feel that you left something good behind but your courage to take that action is pushing you towards something great.

Be thankful. Embrace the opportunity to grow and learn in this moment. Ask God to allow you to see and understand what you are supposed to learn from it. It will equip you to be a better, stronger leader and an awesome human being.

Just know that it’s all making you better! Reminding you to keep your head up, and think strategically.

Now you’re able to ask yourself things like:

  • What is the smartest and most logical way to resolve this?
  • What am I supposed to see and what is being revealed to me about the people around me?
  • Who is this exposing and how should I remove them before they do me any harm?

When we ask better questions, we get better answers. 



Joyce Veronica is the founder of Prayfit with JV. She is originally from Sumter, SC but has resided in Middle TN since 2002. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Business Management from the University of South Carolina, as well as a Masters of Business Administration from William Carey College. Joyce received her personal training certification from International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

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