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Finding Your Purpose and Living Your Truth: Part I [VIDEO]
January 16, 2018 Anthony D Brice

Living Your Truth: Part I

Living your truth sounds so simple and straightforward. The key to being happy, fulfilled, and successful are all in line with our abilities to be ourselves wholeheartedly.

To have the courage to be ourselves, give our gifts, speak up, and live a life that is synonymous with our core beliefs (when those beliefs are based on love, integrity, and humanity).

To fulfill your destiny and become who you are meant to be, you have to learn to Live Your Truth.


Anthony D Brice CPT loves Burpees (I really don't), hates walking around barefoot, and cherishes going on adventures with his family. He founded a groundbreaking coaching firm dedicated to helping people transform their bodies and their lives. It's called the Impower Group and you can join the 10,000+ follower-family at
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